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How can you get covid vaccine in Greece ?

sms to get vaccination

What is the procedure?


What is the procedure? You first need to check if you are entitled to the coronavirus vaccine according to the standards set by the Greek government. To find out, you first need to send 13034 an SMS۔

. Here’s how to send an SMS:

1. First you will write your Amka number۔

2. Then you write your surname which is called Uponimo in Greek and surname in English.

You can write it  from your passport or Adiya Paramonis۔  You will receive a reply shortly after you send this message to 13034,to determine if you are currently eligible for the Corona Vaccine

. If you have sent an incorrect message to 13034. You will receive an SMS saying that you have typed the wrong code. Then send an SMS again according to the picture shown. If your SMS is correct then you will receive a reply.  They will inform you the correct  time, place and center for getting the corona vaccine.

Now if you agree with the place and time  or if you are aware of the place and time. you will tell them  on this online address or electronic page to confirm that you agree with the specified place and time. emvolio.gov.gr. To confirm the location of your vaccine emvolio.gov.gr You have to go to the platform and respond within 120 hours – after which you will receive the reply via SMS. This method will definitely confirm the time and place of your vaccination.

What if the time and place of vaccination cannot be confirmed?

If you have not been able to confirm the time and place of your vaccination, you are given the opportunity to reschedule your time and place on the same online platform within 120 hours۔

. Procedure after time and place are confirmed

You will then receive an SMS from 13034 with your appointment, Amka and surname written on it. You will receive your appointment in 3 days before the scheduled time, one day before and on the day you receive the vaccination is expected to receive an SMS in the morning.

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