racism and fascism.

(English) demonstration in Athens on the International Day of Action against racism and fascism.

Συγγνώμη,αυτή η εγγραφή είναι διαθέσιμη μόνο στα Αγγλικά Αμερικής και Ουρντού.

Workers should be given their rights with dignity

For this, it is necessary to give legal papers to all the workers by opening the immigration and closing the concentration camps.

Today, March 20, 2021, thousands of workers, lawyers, doctors, and representatives of teachers’ organizations gathered in Omonia Square, the capital of Athens.

In addition to the participation of foreign communities in Greece.

Greek civil society also participated.

In this gathering of thousands, the demands of all in unison are as follows:

1. Workers should be given their rights with dignity

2. On the occasion of the International Day Against Racism, it was demanded that the racist attitude of the workers be stopped.

3. The concentration camps should be closed and all the workers should be released.

Because a man, woman, or child is locked up saying that these are detention centers. They will be fully protected and their needs will be taken care of.

But when one of them becomes ill. And he suffers from the disease. So he does not have a doctor and the police do not listen to him. And a large number of such incidents occur.

In which a racist, the policeman tells this patient, “What do I care if you die?”

When Furqan fell victim to the Coronavirus.

For example, in one in a thousand cases, 24 people locked up at the Drapechuna Periya police station last week became infected with the coronavirus.

Despite coughing and shortness of breath, they even begged them repeatedly for a medical check-up.

That all the symptoms of coronavirus are present. Please get checked up so that not everyone gets infected with the coronavirus.

But only because they are third-country people, they have to face fascism and racism.
Only when 24 people had to go on hunger strike to get a simple check-up. The next day, when Furqan was checked up, he was found to be suffering from severe coronavirus. And everyone else was infected with the coronavirus.

The 17 were then quarantined in the Amigdaliza concentration camp, and the rest were transferred elsewhere.

Immigration should be opened on easy terms

The most basic demand of the March 20 rally was to open immigration and give legal papers to the workers so that they can get their rights with dignity.

Open the borders.

They also demand that the borders should be opened so that the migrant workers from different countries and wherever they can find work and accommodation they want. They can go there easily and settle down.

Why did you leave your country?

On the occasion of the global gathering against racism, they said that no one leaves his country willingly.

Because when people’s lives are in danger, they are forced to turn to other countries.

So it is the responsibility of the countries that have imposed wars that when these people were forced to leave their country. Then it is also their responsibility that they should fulfill while keeping prejudice away.

Pakistan Community of Greece unity and Keerfa Organized the demonstration against racism and fascism.
At the invitation of Keerfa and Pakistan Community of Greece unity, representatives of Bangladesh Community, and Muslim Association Greece, Artists Association, Teachers Association, representatives of Greek student organizations, Presidents and officials of Doctors Association, lawyers against racism. A large number of refugees, Malakasa Independent Camp, Korinthos Camp, participated in the procession.

Dozens of human rights organizations and labor federations attended, with full coverage by the Greek and international electronic and print media.

Demonstration against racism and fascism.

Athens rally against racism
racism and fascism.
March from Omonia Square to National Assembly Greece.
There was an invitation to the gathering at Omonia Square at 3 o’clock. People started coming to the venue at 2 o’clock. And by 3 o’clock thousands of people had gathered. However, due to the constant arrival of people, there was a little wait. It started at half-past three.

Presidents and leaders of all political parties, social, and human rights organizations, as well as foreign communities, expressed their views.

The brave workers of the Pakistan Community of Greece unity continued chanting slogans with full vigor and enthusiasm during the march.

The most prominent slogan was the closure of concentration camps and the opening of immigration.

Rally in front of the National Assembly of Greece
Thousands of participants rallied in front of the National Assembly of Greece. The National Assembly stood in front of Greece for ten minutes. And they repeated their demands. There was a special demand that the workers, with their blood and sweat, from fields to factories Works up to With the same blood and sweat of the workers, the fields flourish. Factories run.

And then it is very inappropriate to usurp the rights of the same worker.

Long live the workers union Greece!

If workers remain united, their rights will be protected. Slogans of “Long live the Workers Union Greece” were chanted.

It was promised that from the field to the factory and from the factory to the concentration camp, we would realize each other and help each other to achieve each other’s rights and entitlements.  We will not abuse anyone, nor will we allow anyone to abuse us.

With these demands and slogans

The rally resumed and marched towards Omonia Square chanting slogans.

After a half-hour walk, the procession regrouped in Omonia Square. All the organizations gathered their placards and banners. And the people returned to their homes peacefully.

People from far and wide visited the head office of the Pakistan Community of Greece Unity in Platia Kojia. They paused and left for their respective homes.



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